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At Sandy's Excavating, we're proud to offer a wide variety of services. Call today to find out more about our excavation and

drainage system services.

Keep your septic system functioning properly.

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Is your septic system failing?

Here are some signs:




The best in septic service

A proper septic system is essential to your property

With over 30 years of experience

you can give us a call for any and

all of your septic needs.


- New installations

- Septic repairs

- B 100 septic designs

Fixing septic tank

We do the following:


- Installation and repair

- Code compliance

- Excavation

- Drainage problems

We can design septic systems for difficult sites such as:

- Steep Terrain

- High Groundwater

- Sites where the previous system has been damaged or failed


- Backups in your plumbing

- Sewage odor when you step outdoors

- Trouble getting water to go down your drains

- Strange sounds in your pipes or drains

- Greener lawn in the area of your septic system

Take advantage of our FREE estimates to have our experienced staff assess the level of service needed for your project. Don't wait until your lawn is soggy or your drains are backed up to give us a call. We can install  a completely new system or fix what needs repair. We have many years of experience in maintaining septic systems in Monroe and surrounding counties.

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